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Campaign Monitor API v3 Coldfusion Wrapper
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Campaign Monitor API v3 Coldfusion Wrapper Issue: xml issue

Name: xml issue
ID: 2
Project: Campaign Monitor API v3 Coldfusion Wrapper
Type: Enhancement
Area: Code
Severity: High
Status: Closed
Related URL:
Creator: Duncan Loxton
Created: 12/02/14 4:32 PM
Updated: 12/09/14 6:35 AM
Description: Hi There

This has all of a sudden started to return the following error:

type xml is only supported for type post and put

Looks like CM have changed their rules for get requests like get_list and only allow JSON requests.

Do you have an update to cater to this?
History: Created by length (Duncan Loxton) : 12/02/14 4:32 PM

Comment by louisfiddy (Louis) : 12/03/14 1:15 AM
Hmm. I'll take a look.

Comment by louisfiddy (Louis) : 12/03/14 1:32 AM
I can't seem to reproduce the error. Can you provide some example code?

Updated by louisfiddy (Louis) : 12/09/14 6:35 AM

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